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Time to get spOOky folks! 

Its October and i'm hoping to get some Halloween themed art in, if you guys have any costume ideas or suggestions for our lovely Storm Hawks or Xena then please lemme hear them. 

This update is a little late because i got tonsillitis and it sucked ass, but im heavily medicated on cold tablets and cough syrup so lets keep this party going. Also, i got new coloring pencils so hopefully my works will come out a lot clearer. Many more pictures to come guys!

Art I wanna draw: 
:bulletblue: Xena and Finn (woo :heart:)
:bulletblue: Xena and the Storm hawks in their costumes
:bulletblue: Xena and Dark Ace
:bulletblue: A clearer character bio

I also need to start chapter two of unlimited atmos :) 

See you guys on the flip side!

How are you guys? Thought I should update you on whats going on, here in the sunny (HA) UK my university just started again, so i've been slightly distracted with getting everything ready for that. The plan is to do one work of art and one chapter per week at a minimum, there will hopefully be more but we'll see how much i have to do with my course first. In a bit i'll be uploading some artworks that i did a little while ago, and before monday be uploading chapter two. 

Its been a bit crazy from me managing to pour boiling water over my chest to losing my purse lately so i havent been active due to clumsy idiocy and bad luck, but life happens folks.

Hope you guys are looking forward to it! 
Hello everyone!

As of the Friday coming (Friday 18th) I'll be uploading my storm hawks artwork and possibly writing my fanfictions. I've been working hard to get some work done so my page will look a little fuller, if there is anything you would like to see please let me know!

I'll also be updating my deviantart and paying the yearly amount, which means i will be comissioning works and changing my name. Just to let you know :)

Talk soon!